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IV-1 herbal vaporizer with temperature controlled,the world's first truly intelligent digital portable vaporizer

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The Ecapple iV-1 portable vaporizer is a truly ground-breaking sleek, stylish and compact portable unit, which allows for the true vaporization all in a totally portable package. The iV-1 comes with an entirely new ceramic heating coil which can be heated in under 10-20s to any temperature setting between 160  (320) and 226  (439). it is easy to switch from ℉ to ℃.

Multiple features make IV-1 to be a best portable vaporizer.
1) Different heating time for variable flavor. Fastest heating as 20s. ( Fast/Medium/Slow are available)
2) Adjustable temperature range from 320-439For 160℃-226℃
3) Adjustable vaping time 3-9mins.
4) Standalone SS air hole to flow into fresh air, purer taste created
5) OLED screen display real-time temperature heating
6) Glass bubbler of water filtrating to create pure favor and strong throat feeling
7) Replaceable original high-rate 18650 battery attached

Customer Reviews
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  • ByMax Chao
  • Junior Member
  • Mar 06, 2017
Just opened it up and was impressed with how good looking this product is and how solid it feels in hand.  The only thing I would change is to make the heating chamber's filter attached so it doesn't slide around inside the chamber or fall out.  I would also put a rubber ring on the bottom of the mouthpiece for grip.

Set up is as easy as taking a sticker off the battery.  However, this took me a while to figure out because the instruction manual says to just turn it on.

But with help from Bob, the customer service representative, I was on my way.  He guided me through setup via skype and was extremely friendly and helpful!

I'm giving this 5 stars for the quick heating time, thoughtful product design, and exceptional customer service.  Thanks a lot ECAP!


By Manager Mar 06,2017 13:36:15

  • ByJessica cantrell
  • Jan 19, 2017
nice design and worthy to have one.. tks

Thank you and enjoy your life

By Manager Jan 19,2017 15:31:17

  • ByJme
  • Dec 14, 2016

  • ByPeter T.
  • Sep 08, 2016
Great Vaporizer, best I ever heard of, and great and easy in use.
Only 2 points of criticism:
It's not easy (not to say impossible) to replace the included filters. The one in the chamber is just difficult to get out of the chamber, but you could do it using something pointed (a toothpick for example). The one in the mouthpiece is (as I see it) impossible to change. I tried unscrewing the mouthpiece, but when doing that (using a towel to not destroy the thread), I didn't even manage to turn the mouthpiece in itself a little bit. At least you can clean it using water.
The second deficit is the bubbler. It works great and really cools the smoke, so it's more bearable to breath, but sometimes it happens (no, I didn't blow into the bubbler), that a lot of water gets from the bubbler into the chamber. Now the chamber has burnt in plant parts (it's not possible to clean it with the included brush).
Else from that I love this vaporizer. You can switch from °F to °C, you can change the heating speed, the temperature and also the battery lasts for up to 4 filled chambers.
One thing I forgot: It's impossible to set the vaping time to infinite (auto switch off after maximum 9 minutes) what sometimes leads to confusion (you don't recognize the vapo went off, but there isn't smoke any more)

Dear Peter, Thank you for your suggestion and let me explain something. 1) yes for the screen in the chamber ,can use a toothpick or tweezer to get it out. 2) the screen on the monthpiece is changeable you just might be in a wrong way.there have a tiny metal ring on the screen,you just unscrew it by your nail or use a slot type screwdriver.(be gently),I can send you by email for picture guidance ,you can leave a message on my email For the vaping time,IV-1 can be setting from 3-9mins ,the indicator light will turn off when it was time out. and if you need to vape again,just press it and hold for 5 seconds again.(is better to wait it cooling down after your first using) Best regards BOB from ECAPPLE

By Manager Sep 13,2016 16:25:36

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