Why Call A Portable Vaporizer and What Is The Best Portable Vaporizer?
Portable vaporizers are exactly for the feature of PORTABLE. Vape enthusiasts who take their work on-the-go,they love these discreet,lightweight and compact vaporizers. Portable, or “handheld vapes,” are super easy to operate and you can take them almost anywhere you like. As vaporizer technology advances, there are more and more advanced portable vapes release. High quality materials, precise temperature control, state-of-the-art heating methods and increased battery life are becoming the industry standard for portables. Some of the best portable vaporizers on the market have even been known to outperform certain desktop units.

The Ecapple iV-1 portable vaporizer has set a new benchmark for portable vaporization by delivering incredibly smooth yet huge and powerful clouds of vapor. This an intelligent vaporizer features a sleek, stylish and compact design allowing 100% true vaporization on the go.
The iV-1 baking vaporizer uses a ceramic heating coil which heats up to 320°-439° F (160°-230° C) in 10-20 seconds. You can also use the optional water bubbler filtration attachment to moisturize and cool your hits.

Multiple features make IV-1 to be a best portable vaporizer.
1) Glass bubbler of water filtrating to create pure favor and strong throat feeling
2) Standalone SS air hole to flow into fresh air, purer taste created
3) Adjustable temperature range from 320-439For 160℃-226℃
4) Different heating time for variable flavor. Fastest heating as 20s. ( Fast/Medium/Slow are available)
5) Adjustable vaping time 3-9mins.
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